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Get All In One PC in Bangladesh At The Best Price at samanta computer .An all-in-one PC is a hybrid of desktop, laptop, and tablet. This PC has a computer casing and combines all desktop components in a single enclosed unit, unlike other PCs with separate computer towers for a display monitor. This device performs the same as a regular computer but takes up much less space.  As the entire PC is contained in one unit it is called an All-in-one or AIO PC. The very first all-in-one computer model was called HP 9830 and was made By HP in 1972. HP 9830 was the world’s earliest all-in-one desktop computer.             

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Why an All-in-One PC is the best choice? 

As we have already covered, All-in-One PC is usually a hybrid of a Laptop and Desktop PC. They offer better cable management and mobility than a regular Desktop PC and they tend to be more versatile than laptops. But the question remains is why an AIO PC is a good choice for work. There are a few key reasons why an All-in-One PC is a good choice

How To Choose All in one Desktop

Check if the core processor is good enough to handle all your daily tasks easily.  Based on the storage r.equired, choose the RAM value. Remember, more is always better in this case.The LED Size should be large enough to meet your requirements. 

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