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Buy best Lan Card at the lowest Price in Bangladesh from Samanta Computer.A LAN (Local Area Network) card, also known as a network interface card (NIC), is a hardware component that enables a computer to connect to a local network. The LAN card connects to the computer's motherboard and provides a port for connecting an Ethernet cable, which is used to transmit and receive data between devices on the network.LAN cards are essential components in modern computer systems, as they allow computers to communicate with each other and share resources, such as files and printers. They also enable access to the internet, which is often necessary for modern computing tasks.

Types of LAN Card

There are several types of LAN cards available, including wired and wireless options. Wired LAN cards typically use an Ethernet cable to connect to the network, while wireless LAN cards use Wi-Fi to connect to the network. The choice between a wired or wireless LAN card will depend on the specific needs of the user, as well as the requirements of the network being used.When selecting a LAN card, it is important to consider factors such as compatibility with the computer's operating system, the type of network being used, and the required speed and performance. Many LAN cards are designed to support high-speed data transfer rates, such as gigabit Ethernet, which can provide faster network speeds for data-intensive tasks.

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