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Buy latest Dot Matrix Printer at the lowest Price in Bangladesh from Samanta Computer.The Dot matrix printer is also known as the impact printer. It is an older Printing device still useful today. IBM marketed the very first official model of the Dot Matrix printer in 1957. In 1925, Rudolf Hell invented the Hellschreiber, an early version of the dot matrix printer, and patented it in 1929. As these Printers are useful for printing carbon paper or reams of data manifests, which can’t be done with regular Thermal Transfer or Laser printers.

How does a Dot Matrix Printer work?

Dot Matrix Printers use the impact matrix printing mechanism usually found on a typewriter. Where the ink is applied to a ribbon-like surface; using a relatively low-resolution dot matrix as a base layout. There is a print head that moves either back and forth or in an up-and-down motion and the printing is done by the head’s impact by striking the ink-soaked cloth ribbon against the paper. It can print arbitrary patterns and special characters.

Advantages of Using a Dot matrix printer

Low Printing Cost per Page Dot Matrix printers have a very Low Printing Cost Per Page. It means they can print a large number of pages at a relatively low cost. Longer Lifespan Dot matrix Printers can Withstand Harsh high temperatures and humid environments usually found in Industrial places. Even the maintenance cost is low as compared to other printers. These ensure that Dot Matrix Printers have a Longer Lifespan. Cheaper than Most Printers A dot matrix printer is practically cheaper and easily available for buying at reasonable prices.

Dot matrix printer Price List in 2023

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