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Samanta Computer provides best Antivirus @ Security Price in BD. Antivirus software typically uses a combination of signature-based detection and behavioral analysis to identify and eliminate threats. Signature-based detection involves comparing the code of a program against a database of known malware signatures to detect a match. Behavioral analysis involves monitoring a program's behavior and looking for suspicious activity that could indicate an attack.

Types of Antivirus @ Security

There are many different types of antivirus software available, each with its own unique features and capabilities. Some are designed specifically for individual users, while others are intended for use by businesses or organizations. Some antivirus programs also offer additional security features such as firewalls, parental controls, and online banking protection.

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Importance of Antivirus @ Security

It's important to note that no antivirus program is 100% foolproof. Attackers are always looking for ways to circumvent security measures, and even the most advanced antivirus software can be vulnerable to attack. Therefore, it's important to use antivirus software in combination with other security measures, such as keeping your software up to date, using strong passwords, and practicing safe browsing habits.

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