Dear Customers, Samanta Computer always gives utmost importance to its customers. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Special request to the esteemed customers is to follow the following rules well before buying computer products from Samanta Computer. Thanks.

Warranties for products that are declared at the time of sale are basically warranties issued by the product manufacturer. This means that the warranty service of the product sold is mainly carried by the parent company of the specific brand. Each brand is unique in terms of warranty service variation and their different terms are mentioned on their own official website. In this case, the subsidiary Samanta Computer is working as a means to enforce the warranty service terms of the main brand companies.

The warranty terms set by the manufacturer are as follows:

1, We follow the warranty policy issued by the International, Domestic and Bangladesh Computer Society (BCS) for each product.

2, The warranty of most of the products imported by Samanta Computer is short-lived and some of the products are changed as soon as there are complaints.

3, Warranties are not provided on all products sold. The warranty is valid only for those products for which the parent company has declared a warranty period.

4, Depending on the brand and model of the laptop, the warranty is 1-3 years. But the warranty of all laptop batteries and adapters is only 1 year.

5,If a defect is found after the sale of a product covered by the warranty, the defect is removed by repair and it is immediately changed according to the type of product.

6,If there is no need to change the product of a particular model, Samanta Computer can replace it with the equivalent product of another brand in its own stock.

7,If the product of a particular model is not repairable and the same or equivalent product is not available in our stock, then a better product from that model can be replaced by depreciation and price adjustment.

8,If a particular model of product does not have a repairable or replaceable Samanta computer, the price can be refunded through a sales depreciation adjustment.

9,If any software or data is damaged or lost during the use of the product or during the service of Samanta Computer, Samanta Computer is responsible for it. Will not carry. Note that in this case, the responsibility of data recovery or software restoration work is also Star Tech. It will not continue.

10,There is no fixed time to return the product after completing the service after taking the product of the specific model under warranty, this time can be from 5-6 days to a maximum of 35-40 days or more; This is because in most cases, the parts required for repair do not have sufficient buffer stock in the country, so they have to be specially imported, which is very time consuming. 

11,Consumers are informed that most of the warranty products are not repaired, the parts that are damaged are replaced but in most cases are imported from abroad.

12, Computer setups and operating systems customized at the time of sale are not covered by warranty.

13,Lifetime Warranty Basically you will get the warranty facility as long as the product is present in the market.

14,Samanta Computer may charge a price for any service outside the scope of the warranty, subject to the consent of the buyer.

15,In case of service warranty, if any part needs to be changed or added, the buyer will usually collect it at his own risk or with the consent of the buyer, subject to advance payment, Samanta can collect through computer.

16, Free Software or Hardware Tuning provided by Samantha Computer during or after the expiration of the warranty period, if any problem is found in the product or any new problem arises, Samanta Computer will not be held responsible.

In cases where the warranty will not be valid or you can get it conditionally:

# In case of any defect due to careless use such as getting wet, broken, burnt, injured, deeply scratched, etc., it will not be covered by warranty.

# If a product’s serial or serial sticker is partially or completely removed, removed or damaged for any reason, the product will no longer be subject to warranty.

# If there is any fungus or rust on the motherboard, graphics card and RAM and any deep wound or scratch, the motherboard will not be under graphics card or RAM warranty.

# In case of motherboard and processor, if one or more pins are found to be completely or partially broken, bent or deformed, the product will not be covered by warranty

# Since Samanta Computer does not apply any type of password or security code during the delivery of laptop, desktop or any product, the buyer has to bear the full responsibility of BIOS password on laptop, desktop or any other device. It is not covered by the warranty.

# If you delete Apple Mac Book’s own operating system, the product will not be subject to warranty.

# Printer cartridge, toner, head, roller, drum, element cover etc. are not covered under warranty.

# In case of printer warranty, use of ink, ink cartridge or toner cartridge other than the ink, ink cartridge or toner cartridge prescribed by the manufacturer will not be covered by the warranty.

# In the case of a specific model combo (pair) keyboard-mouse (all keyboard-mice sold together as a bundle), if any one of the keyboard or mouse is damaged, the complete combo (pair) set (accessories) must be presented for warranty. Only keyboards or mice presented separately for warranty will not be accepted.

# Power adapters for printers, scanners, routers, switches, access points, TV cards, etc. and similar products are not covered by warranty.

# If more than 2 months have elapsed in the warranty or service department after the warranty of a particular product, the company will not bear the responsibility of that product.# If the warranty receipt paper of a particular product is lost, the product must be accepted subject to the receipt of purchase and proper proof.


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